HEALTH FROM THE FIELD TO YOUR HOME In Lapisa we have more than 40 years of experience that have led us to be the leading Mexican company in the agricultural sector.
MISSION We are an international company that develops reliable alternatives and solutions that favor the productivity and sustainability of the Agricultural Sector and the welfare of animals. VISION Consolidate our presence in the national market as well as expand to the international markets through the development of innovative products and services with high quality standards for the sectors of Animal, Agricultural and Health and Nutrition. Maintain a close relationship with universities and research centers, developing our human capital with a sense of social responsibility and global vision, to contribute to the well-being of humanity with alternatives and solutions that ensure the safe and efficient production of food, as well as well-being of the animals.
INNOVATION Search, introduce and implement new solutions or initiatives to improve results and performance.
TEAMWORK Collaborate with other people to achieve a common goal.
SERVICE Strive for the provision of the highest service standards in order to ensure customer satisfaction and achieve your preference.
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Contribute to improve with a business vision, the quality of life of the people, the ethical values, the wellbeing of the community and the environment.
LEADERSHIP Guide and encourage the people involved to work enthusiastically for a common goal.
QUALITY Provide products and services according to the established standards.
QUALITY POLICY: The consistency in the quality of our products enables us to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are committed to continuously improve the quality of our work in LAPISA, through attitude, capacity and teamwork. ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: At LAPISA we are determined to continuously prevent, reduce or mitigate effects on nature and its resources, ensuring that our processes do not affect the environment or the living beings. SAFETY POLICY: At Lapisa we are committed to working with hygiene and safety, complying with the regulations to prevent risks and provide well-being to workers, meeting standards of quality, productivity and continuous improvement.
CERTIFIED QUALITY SINCE 1998 For almost 20 years we have maintained the high standards of quality and we have striven to continuously improve. Consequently we have been given the ISO 9001certification. Maintaining the certification has been the result of the conviction, evolution and initiative of a team that has always provided its service under a strict quality management system. At LAPISA, we know that in our hands we posses the possibility of contributing to a better world; that's why all our processes protect and respect the ecological norms.
FROM DIAGNOSIS TO RESULTS Our diagnostic laboratory has the highest technology and a select team of specialists; therefore achieving the implementation of diagnostic tools and the development of new products that offer satisfying results. Know more
WELL-BEING FOR A BETTER WORLD Thanks to our extensive team of distributors and the proven quality of our products, at LAPISA, we have crossed borders reaching a large part of Latin America, the Caribbean, Central Africa, the Middle East and the Asian Pacific, with a world-class portfolio that includes: antibiotics, biologicals, pharmaceuticals, premixes and products for the protection of crops.
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